Start Backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting

Backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting

That means that when you buy a clothes dryer, it’s an implied term of the contract that it will actually be able to dry your clothes.

Usually contracts are between two or more people or companies (or both).

Anyone over 18 years old can make a contract, and in some circumstances people under 18 can make a contract too.

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Pretty much all of the commercial relationships and transactions we enter are regulated by a contract – whether it’s buying a house or car, or buying the groceries.

Even the relationship between an employer and employee is governed by a form of contract.

A lot of people think that, to be binding, a contract needs to be in writing. While there are some transactions that need a written contract – such as the sale of a home or a credit arrangement – verbal contracts are usually enforceable too.

That said, it’s usually best to put the details of most contracts in writing so that everyone has a record of what’s been agreed upon and what their obligations are. Usually the people or companies entering into a contract agree to its terms, sometimes by negotiating.