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Bbc abbreviation dating

Reporter: Tim Muffett Reporter: So internet dating might have transformed the way many people look for love and become socially acceptable, but some feel there's one activity an online profile or a newspaper ad can never replicate: good, old-fashioned, flirting. Jean Smith: When we first start doing this, you're going to feel a bit awkward, a bit uncomfortable. Jean Smith: Part of flirting is having the confidence of letting someone know that you're interested. Reporter: Whether it's through an advert or chance encounter, the meeting of two strangers can be life-changing and for this flirting expert at least, if you want it to happen, you've got to seize the day.

, the BBC also broadcasts on digital channels, BBC Three with new drama and comedy and BBC Four for culture, arts and science, children's channels CBeebies and CBBC, as well as BBC News 24 and BBC Parliament.

Kelly: Could you recommend anywhere nice to eat around here?

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14 February 2011Since online dating sites first appeared in 1995, they have grown to have more than 5 million users in the UK. You still have to flirt online, but via the medium of writing and that's completely different from trying to strike up a conversation with somebody, in person.