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Chat camera third sex only

For video chatting on a device with Intel Real Sense technology, Dwyer said it’s really about depth not color.

“What Intel Real Sense technology does is locks into the person, using real-time depth-of-field calculations that ignore data past a certain depth.” In her review of Personify, Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog wrote, “you can even get the green screen effect for yourself while you share other content like Prezi, Power Point slides, web pages and more.

So you can record yourself ‘Personified’ on top of any content you’d like to interact with.” Campus Technology recently reported on how instructors can use depth camera technology to record lectures that incorporate videos, Power Point presentations and online materials, and do them from almost anywhere.

“The instructor records himself with the depth camera, and Personify automatically filters out the background so the instructor appears in front of the presentation material in the video, just as if he had filmed himself in front of a green screen.” Dwyer points out that the green screen effect is widely used by You Tube stars to create newscasts or talk shows, and services like Google Hangouts or Twitch have made it common to see several faces at the bottom or side of a screen, talking to one another while a presentation or live event is filling out the screen.

It’s also helping doctors make house calls and students team up to get homework done.

Face-to-face video chatting is rapidly evolving with mobile apps like We Chat, Facebook Messenger and even via facial tracking animations like Pocket Avatar, but new digital camera technology being built into laptop, 2 in 1 and All-in-One computers is bringing this capability into the third dimension.

By giving computers the ability to sense depth, Intel Real Sense 3D Camera technology lets new applications like Personify do that and more.

“It’s new and novel and almost seems magical,” said Dwyer.