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Based in Tashkent, Advantour is a one stop travel agency in Uzbekistan.

As tourism in Uzbekistan develops rapidly so our company reviews every little detail of the whole process of traveling to Central Asia and gives the full picture of understanding what our guests might find out if they come to our country.

It is fair to say that if you decide to travel in Uzbekistan you’d rather choose a travel agency Uzbekistan based because who if not an uzbek travel company can provide you with a wide variety of fascinating attractions, exclusive details of our impressive history and intriguing culture - authentic Central Asian experience that you will remember and cherish. We will open Uzbekistan tourism for you with an exclusive view of the country that has many thousands of years of its history. We provide quality customer service to our guests so they feel comfortable and safe in our country.

Who we are MINZIFATRAVEL is a tour operator and travel agency.

We offer thematic tours around Central Asia for people who interested in Oriental history and culture, for those who like to discover and explore the ancient cities, the history, culture of peoples living for many century in Central Asia and their hospitality.

More than 1,000 clients per year put their faith in us, as their tour provider." alt="What do we offer" / Why travel with us?

Our commitment is to give you an authentic Central Asian experience not just something staged for tourist.

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