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Flume folks tend to hang around and can give support in the afternoon PST, (and sometimes late at night PST).

9th @ CET freenode #flinux 10 freenode ##10 nick_ = töntigt, nick__ = töntigare, nick1 = töntigast freenode ##filmclub 10 Movies & Mayhem | Welcome to ##filmclub where we get together and watch movies! freenode ##ecology 10 :: Man and Biosphere Programme Rli R :: What's ecology ?

| Screenings every Saturday EST / Sunday UTC | https://industries freenode #electronclub 10 freenode #Ed LUG 10 #edlug Welcome to Edinburgh Linux User Group. PR :: Basic ecological terms FJpy :: Encyclopedia of earth :: Reports on progress twrd sustainable forest management MMOp7 :: Linux Ecology-HOWTO WPOL freenode #easyflash 10 Check out for the latest shit freenode ##dvorak 10 The Dvorak Layout | | FAQ: freenode ##duplicity 10 UN-Official channel: No dev or maintainers here, just users.

freenode #cuteboot 10 Silly experiments in booting Qt.

Please use the Tech Support list, when IRC users are inactive. Do not coordinate market manipulation ('Pumping' and 'Dumping') in this channel. **** THIS CHANNEL IS SHUTDOWN ***** MOVE YA ASS TO MARS...

freenode #dsf 10 freenode #drupal-vdc 10 Views in Drupal Core (VDC) working channel. projects=&issue_tags=VDC freenode #drupal-nj 10 freenode #drupaldevdays 10 Drupal Developer Days Milan June 21-26 -- Sprints: Ydzuf J002r08I0rs L90SNP_At81Lfp I3p TIu Zvk/edit#gid=0 freenode #drupalcamp 10 freenode #dragora 10 Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre: Social group: freenode #dogecoin-market 10 Dogecoin Pricetalk and Speculation - Please read the channel Guide. freenode #dogecoin-bots 10 Welcome to the official #dogecoin bots channel! ##Digital Ocean freenode ##diabetic-chat 10 ##diabetic-chat Welcome to Diabetic Chat -- Home of the Friendliest Diabetics in the Universe freenode #Desktop Masters 10 Place for Technicians to share information and skills. Desktop freenode ##dedicatedservers 10 Dedicated servers, comparisions of providers and a good place to hang out! freenode #debian-nl 10 Nederlandstalig Debian GNU/Linux kanaal - Stabiele versie: 7.0/Wheezy; download hier: - Stats: freenode #datacentred 10 Data Centred || Customer Portal: https://my.|| Service Status: Docs: ##: D 10 : D YOU ARE HAPPY : D CONFORM : D freenode ##cwm 10 cwm — a lightweight and efficient window manager for X11 | | freenode #cvs 10 We mostly lurk, so ask your question, and we’ll eventually answer, if you’re still around.

| Please only bring your bot here if it is approved to be in #dogecoin or if it is ready to be checked to be allowed into #dogecoin, as always exceptions can be made in certain situations | Bot policy: freenode #documentfoundation 10 Public discussions on The Document Foundation freenode #dingoonity 10 Dingoonity - The Dingoo Community | If you need some help just ask in the channel and somebody should respond :) | Do you like dealing with spam/crap on a day-to-day basis? | RESCUE MODE IS THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING EVER freenode #10 https://se.| Nordic | Debian-prat på svenska. ~ Cederqvist is CVS 1.12 (feature version) and CVS 1.11 (stable version) ~ recommended links: ~ Avoid advocacy, please freenode #cvn-wp-nl 10 Countervandalism for WP: VBC - Bot help: T - Voice - Help: !

mod of #countervandalism - Blacklist: "CVNBot12 bl add account/IP x=period in digits r=reason - Identification: use your account name on wiki when working here.

See ask an op for access to the conference, try SIP:[email protected]:5060 USA: +1-425-998-0632 ~REGISTERED USERS ARE AUTOMATICALLY VOICED WHEN DIALED INTO THE CONFERENCE~ freenode #freebsd-ops 10 This channel will be made invite-only shortly, for support, please /join #freebsd-irc freenode ##fosters 10 I will always miss you Jake.

-- freenode #foaf 10 “ -- The Web, The World, Us, You and Them -- "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don't." -- UTF-8 charset please -- chatlogs --- email list is foaf-dev, see lists.--- wiki.freenode #fmg 10 Full Metal Gruik - Born to Hack | freenode #flume 10 #flume Welcome to the #flume channel.

freenode #fullyautomatednagios 10 FAN 2.4 available freenode #freicoin 10 | Forum: | Latest stable release: 0.8.3-1 freenode #freedoh 10 Free DOH!

- An installer for Asterisk & Freepbx on Debian/Ubuntu.