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When I don’t see them, I see plenty of evidence that they have been in the area very recently.

Thank you so much for your report - you're right, Coyotes started moving into Ontario from Manitoba about 100 years ago, and are now widespread throughout this area.

Thanksgiving weekend we saw a coyote at about pm right on Bonner Road.

It was very scary yet no warnings of coyotes are posted?

Last Wednesday at 530 am o was taking out the trash and there was a coyote sitting on my grass as if it owned the place.

The coyote population is growing fast and is driving out and/or feeding on many animals native to this area.

I rarely see Groundhogs anymore and I haven’t seen a Fox in Mississauga in over 10 years.

Prior to that, it was rare to not see a Fox or family of Foxes a couple of times a week.

Although I don’t believe Coyotes should be eradicated, I do believe they are an invasive species in Ontario and probably should be somewhat controlled. I have been flanked by the big Coyote on two occasions while walking down a trail. Other than that I haven’t had any close run-ins with the Coyotes.

Compared to the previous occurrence, I think they were on the west side of the creek, last night.

Was visiting my new home location and witnessed a large pack of coyotes crossing the street into the bushes on ninth line near the osprey march.

Later that evening, I heard them along the creek that runs up to the Go Station between Bonner and Truscott.