Start Gretsch drums serial number dating

Gretsch drums serial number dating

Ludwig II who was then the company’s General Manager and Vice President.

But unlikely as it may seem, the broadcast of one television show in early 1964 played an unwitting role in helping to date more closely one particular brand of drum.

To see how the story unfolds, let’s go back in time to February 9, 1964.

Our dealers begged us to put them on, so we had our badge manufacturer imprint sequential numbers on the badges for all of our drums.” With the debut of serial numbers, Ludwig helped the dealers comply with the new law.

(This article appeared in the September 2002 issue of DRUM!

magazine) One of the intriguing aspects of collecting vintage drums is discovering when your instrument was made.

It was the day the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Their television debut ushered in not only a new era for rock and roll, but something more.

Estimating the age of a drum can be done more or less by examining its badge type, style of hardware, shell construction/composition and interior/exterior finish.

If you’re fortunate enough, your drum might even have a date stamp on the inside of its shell.

With the name “Ludwig” painted on Ringo’s bass drumhead, it marked also the beginning of the Ludwig Drum Company’s largest boom in their production history.

“Even though we stepped up our production, the orders for our drums came in faster than we could make them,” said William F.