Start Is rainie yang dating kingone

Is rainie yang dating kingone

She is nine years older than him, and she came out of a pretty ugly relationship with her ex-husband when she started dating Jie Kai, who so happens to share the same birthday as her ex-hubby.

Just this year alone, he has played two of his most challenging characters to date – a blind man in SLY and a spinocerebellar ataxia sufferer. To be fair, they registered their marriage a few months back but it was until just recently that they made a big celebration in Shanghai to commemorate their unity.

Xiao Ming and Angelababy are big names themselves but their is no doubt that together, they have one-upped themselves up to being a power-couple with what the media describes has half the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment circle in attendance.

They had 200 tables and 2000 guests with the names of in attendance.

This time he is jumping back to CTV to headline the drama The Taiwan entertainment industry is just oozing with happiness this year with celebrity weddings and pregnancies happening one after the other.

I was just casually scrolling through the Chinese entertainment news portal and came across a few more celebrity pregnancies. They’ve dated for roughly a year but no one really expected their relationship to last.

However, on the third day, he suddenly changed hotel.

Rainie and her parents also appeared at the same hotel.