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Mary kate dating history

For three years, Olsen was with Boyd Holbrook (above).

An insider told Us, "There was great chemistry there.

Kate proudly cheering on her prince during the match, before the loved-up pair indulged on sneaky PDA on the sidelines.

When it comes to celebrities, fans just have to know all about their personal lives, especially about their dating history.

As she told ET Canada in February 2012, "I grew up knowing that everything that was written was fake and so I don't even read any of those things. I don't want it to be part of my life." She then added, "The one time I make it part of my life and you have a conversation with someone, you're just like, 'Okay, well, I guess talking to people is not a [relationship].'" Plus, none of these so-called relationships have ever been confirmed, but just a whisper in the wind.

With that said, I will be detailing the Scarlet Witch's other serious and well-known relationships — or should I say relationship?

In 2006, Wills used his polo prowess to impress Miss Middleton at the Dorchester Trophy Polo Match in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Rumours of a romance had been circulating all summer, but the pair were snapped together for the very first time at this sporting event.

Who they once dated becomes even more dire information when a celeb is spotted with another famous face.

For example, take Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston.

Ever since the rumors started swirling about the I Saw the Light co-stars getting all cozy and being all adorable while grabbing dinner, shippers of the couple and Hiddlestoners (aka Tom Hiddleston's biggest fans) are trying to learn as much as possible about the 26-year-old.

Like, who did Elizabeth Olsen date before Tom Hiddleston?