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And, if you've got a beard, then pop over to Bristlr (sea captains can probably jump on here, too) where you can find someone who'll lovingly stroke your beard, and maybe more, for years to come.

Then look no further than, where people who like really nice cars can meet up to, I don't know, talk about their really nice cars and maybe fall in love? Might be a bit of a stretch, but are you a sea captain?

If so, you can go to, where you can 'find your first mate' (quite a good line, that), or check out a site dedicated to Star Trek fans and meet the one and live long and prosper... These are all pretty niche - I mean how many lonely sea captains are there? There's a dating app for those who voted remain, so if you're still not over last month's defeat you can at least spend the rest of your life with someone who isn't either.

But where do you turn if you've fully exhausted your local area for dates and hook ups, and you fancy trying something a little different?