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Reality dating shows uk

The Mac Daddy of dating shows, Blind Date made a national treasure out of Cilla Black, and introduced the world to a young, giggly Amanda Holden. The format was simple, but effective, if a bit on the straight side - a guy or a girl had to pick from three members of the opposite sex, based on the sparkiness of their comebacks.

Spencer Matthews of Made In Chelsea appeared on the only UK season of the show in 2012. You can understand how one television executive might have thought this was a good idea.

The show was like Take Me Out crossed with the London Marathon - everyone was constantly running around, shouting things out and not thinking or breathing, while 50 contestants were whittled down to one by the Picker, based on deep, intellectual aspects of their character like hair colour, and what they were prepared to do sexually if trapped in a limousine.

Singled Out was gloriously daft and ahead of its time, featuring gay men and women in an open minded, progressive way (unlike in Playing It Straight, no-one was forced to dress up as a cowboy.) I miss it.

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