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Reunited dating site

We are blissfully happy and share two wonderful families with two small grandchildren and another on the way.

I had been a member of Friends Reunited Dating for over a year, I was looking for friendship and companionship. It took several days for me to pluck up the courage to contact her, but I kept going back to the photo.

This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online. I was widowed and Lesley was a divorcee, both in out late 50’s.

In January 2005 I received a message from Lesley via the Friends Reunited Dating site where we had both been registered for a while inviting a messaging correspondence.

We soon discovered that we lived only 20 miles apart in Lincolnshire, and messaging turned to phone calls and eventually to a meeting over dinner at a restaurant of Lesley’s choice.

We discovered very quickly that we shared many common interests and very quickly realised that what started as a friendship turned to real love.

We were married and have since moved to the Norfolk coast.

We are currently looking forward to sharing our 5th wedding anniversary and our 65th Birthdays with our lovely families.