Start Sagittarius dating another sagittarius

Sagittarius dating another sagittarius

If they hang around long enough, however, this couple will discover that they do have some shared values, notably a passion for honesty.

Sagittarius is attracted to Taurus too, although they don’t really understand why and would almost never admit that secretly they admire the Taurus partner’s common sense and stability!

For Sagittarius and Taurus, compatibility initially may well lead to a passionate, fiery, sensual encounter, as the earthy sexuality of the Lover meets the exuberant expressiveness of the Adventurer, but that in itself is not enough to create a firm basis for a longer relationship.

Taurus priorities are a solid home and family life, and a successful career, but Sagittarius priorities are altogether loftier, involving a search for truth and justice, education and travel.

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility begins with an uphill struggle, as the two partners have to work hard to reconcile these quite different wants and needs.

There will be no secrets in this relationship, which you might think would be a good thing – and it is.

The problem arises when there’s something which perhaps ought to be kept secret, but isn’t.

The Lover and the Adventurer – how does Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility work when one wants to stay in and play while the other wants to roam the world?