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Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction

- *RP time* You've come to realize that someone is stalking you, since you always feel like you've being watch. - If an attractive man or woman gave you roses, how would you respond? - If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, what would you ask?

To make matters worse, tonight, - Which of the following do you desire most from a relationship? - Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? - So, first of all, DON' T TAKE YOUR RESULTS SERIOUSLY (Unless it says you aren't color blind.

- You failed an exam that 40% your grade what do you do? There will hopefully be a True Hair Colour quiz to go wi- OK, that is noted.

- Some scenarios: Your best friend is pregnant/got someone pregnant and you find out 2 months later, how do you react? (1 being not psychotic what-so-ever, 5 being kind of, and 10 being ' I'm gonna grab this knife-u- 3: Weapon of your choice? - Hej, I'm Zia The Vulcan (or Zia), and in this quiz we are finding out your true eye colour!

Because of this, I've decided to create a new post with a new list, which I'll be able to update and change as I wish. The Butterfly MLife is never easy but for some, its worse than others.

The old post is still present, though, if you'd like to be able to go back to it. (Complete one shot.)Bed Time Stories KIn Sakura's room, something exists on instinct. Broken and being poisoned from the inside, Sakura has become the butterfly floating on the edges of reality.

On another note, some of the links on the other list seem to broken. There is no need to explain, nor words to speak, nor actions to take. [complete, MF]The Flame That Burns Brightest K[Spoiler: Manga Chapters 181 and 223] The flame that burns brightest was never lit at all, but its warmth is enough Wait For Me PG-13My version of what Sasuke and Sakura thought during chapter 181. Homebound MUchiha Sasuke returns to Konoha in a desire to find Naruto and kill him, and verify his strength.

I tried to find the pictures elsewhere, but couldn't. I Know Those Eyes T[Complete] Seven years following Sasuke’s disappearance, Sakura, now a medical-nin, goes on an ANBU assassination mission. He has to find him first, but the woman who knows the answers will not let him.