Start Tamagotchi v5 dating channel

Tamagotchi v5 dating channel

The passwords are made up of 10 different numbers from 1 to 9, which means that all that beeping can get on people's nerves! It takes about a day for it to turn into a child and teenager, but it takes about 3 or 4 days to turn into an adult. :] I'll tell you some things about it: After you've set the time, date, and put your birthday into your Tamagotchi, an egg will appear on the screen. The older your Tamagotchi, the more games you'll receive and you'll get more points for playing them. ( To travel, your Tamagotchi has to be an adult or older.) I gave you some instructions on how to play with your Tamagotchi. If you want to know about what I think about my Tamagotchi V3, I'll tell you this: I think it's the best one they ever created!

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They teach children responsibility because tamagotchis are like little pets. we play with our tamagotchis every day because they are so much fun. The durability is also pretty good, bc i got my friends tamgotchi wet by accident and it didnt work for like 15 minutes but then it dried inside, i guess, and it started working again!

You have to play with them, feed them, discipline them, heal them, have friends over, and even turn their lights out when they sleep! you can type passwords and theres souviners you can also travel with passports and tickets. Some fun things about Tamagotchis are....-You get to name your very own pet-You get to go to and get prizes-You can earn points and with those points you can buy: snacks, meals, toys, and presents for your friends.-There are 52 different characters so usually all your friends have a different looking tamagotchi and once your tamagotchi has a baby it will grow and most likely will look different then its parents did.-Your tamagotchi grows from baby--child--teenager--adult.-Once your tamagotchi has a baby it starts a whole new generation for you to take care of.-You can connect with friends tamagotchis and play games against them and they can give you presents.-You can also take plane trips to hawaii, switzerland, china, and many more places if you buy a plane ticket (but remember your tamagotchi MUST be an adult to do so.)We hope this helped you decide whether or not to get one. I would like to rate this toy 5 stars for how fun it is.

After you put the date, time, your birthday (so your tama can surprise you on your special day), time, and username (so you can go to the tamagotchi website) it takes exactly one minute for the egg to hatch.

One of the most fun parts about this game is coming up with a name for them! (I'm sure they're more when you connect with a different one, but I haven't connected this version yet.) I just got it yesterday, and after a couple of hours it turned into a child. After it eats, you should play some games to get it back to a normal weight.

;) They can fit in you're pocket, so they're super portable. This toy is kind of educational because it teaches you how to take care of a real pet so I gave it a 3. And nothing in the world is perfect, but tamagotchi's are still fun to play with thats why I give them 4 stars overall.

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You can get so many characters and it's a surprise every time you get a new generation!

When you activate the tamagotchi (tama for short) a little egg pops onto the screen.

The adults can have babies, called generations, so it's not like you only have one little pal and no other ones after it.

At first they're babies, then they're toddlers/children, then they're teenagers, and finally they're adults.