Start Tomboys and dating

Tomboys and dating

The tomboy is probably the favourite type of girl that boys like to hang out with. She can out-swear you, out-drink you and can out-play you in FIFA more often than not. A tomboy will get an element of surprise in your life that a conventional girlfriend never can. She will say, “Welcome to the squad dude, I know how difficult it is to be hygienic!

They enjoy the company of boys and will win their hearts with their broad thinking. She is Fun At the end of the day dating a tomboy is more fun.

There are lot of things that you both can actually do together like a PS3 date or a basketball game date, shopping hand-in-hand, because you both probably will be interested in the same section!

She won’t cry about her weight and will literally wolf down the whole burgers when hungry.

She can easily lose those extra carbs in the gym or on the basketball court. She will Fit In into Your Boy Gang in a Jiffy A tomboy knows boys very well and definitely knows how to handle their lame jokes and often bridge the gap with other boys in your group.