Start Validating in visual basic

Validating in visual basic

And for data validation, code a Validating event for the Text Box control. That means that if you have a whole list of validating conditions, you can code them as a whole series connected with these operators (with the most frequent hits first) and nothing below a validation test that fails will use any processing.

Adding Cancel capability to the error boxes adds a lot of code and even more complexity. The Cancel button in the Input Box returns a "zero length string". Text = "5 grades entered" & vb New Line & "No more input allowed" End If End If input Grade.

And you can end the program without completing the loop! Text = "Nothing entered" & vb New Line & "Please enter a grade" Else If Not Is Numeric(input Grade. Text = "Input is not a numeric grade" & vb New Line & "Please enter a numeric grade" Else If CDec(input Grade. Text = "Enter a grade between 0-100" Else Valid Grade Entry = True End If End Sub Private Sub btn Accept Grades_Click( By Val sender As System.

The global Valid Grade Entry variable guarantees that all the validating checks have been passed.

New features (like a "Start Over" button or a button to delete List Box entries, for example) could be added easily without disturbing any of the existing logic. Click If Valid Grade Entry = True Then Grade Output.