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Who is david morrissey dating

He has come to learn just how much the government, agencies and charities are struggling to cope.

The first glimpse Morrissey - who is in Greece with the United Nations Refugee Agency - gets of the boat is as a tiny dot on a radar screen.

This is the moment actor David Morrissey reached across the divide to save a life, hauling a child too young to realise the danger she was in from a boat which has been drifting in the Mediterranean for 10 hours.

By the time Morrissey boarded the coast guard's boat in Lesvos, he had already seen the lines of people queuing to register in the capital Mytilene.

The people fleeing the crisis are exceedingly vulnerable: the very act of crossing the sea puts them in the hands, and at the mercy of, people smugglers who charge thousands and could not care less if their 'cargo' survives the perilous journey.